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Resource Conflict Pci Serial Bus Controller In Slot 08

The two front air intakes had to be removed in order to install . This also involves removing the capacitor that was attached to it. The inside of the case is a solid black, and the underside is a solid white . The interior of the unit is largely an all-metal housing, with the PCB embedded within. The PCB is surrounded by a metal plate on the top and bottom to hold it in place. There are all the normal buttons, switches, etc. There is a pair of USB ports on the back of the unit . The back of the case has a sheet-metal bracket that mounts the internal hard drive to the bottom of the case . This is designed to hold the drive in a horizontal orientation. The unit also comes with a standard 2.5” external drive bay. On the right side of the back of the case, the PSU is accessible . Accessories The power supply comes with a fan mount bracket and a fan. There is also a small manual, a key, and a charging cable that plugs into the rear USB port. The unit comes with four fan mounts for the front, back, and top of the case. These are not included in the box but can be purchased separately. Software After installing the operating system, there is very little software that needs to be installed. Most of the software is on the DVD (the manual included) or the hint.txt file. Most of the software is standard software like . Performance and Benchmarks As is to be expected for a desktop-class gaming machine, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 runs the machine quietly, without fan noise. The GPU itself runs the game at a steady 70fps in Ultra Mode with the average frame rate for Crysis 2 at 55 fps. While I didn't find any clear benchmarks for the case itself, the video below should give an indication of the performance. Conclusion The idea of using a gaming desktop case for a Home Theatre PC is very appealing to me. While this is not the first such unit in the market, the Cooler Master NX is the most impressive so far that I have seen and it is certainly something that would be worth considering if one wanted a high-

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